Thank You Cards Made Easy

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There are so many things that may cause stress leading up to, and after, your wedding day. Don’t let thank you cards be one of your stressers. Be sure to assign a friend or relative (in advance) to record gifts received at your showers and wedding, along with the name of the people who gave them. Keep that list safe so when it’s time to write the thank you cards you don’t have to rack your brain about who to thank for what.

Stick to these tips and thank you card writing will be easier:

1. Always address the gifter by name.
2. Write thank you in the first line.
3. Keep the rest short but personalized. Mention the gift given with a mention about how you may use it.
4. Close with a salutation and your name(s).

Also, don’t forget to send thank you cards to those who provided service, too. That amazing wedding planner, florist, DJ or caterer deserves some love, too.

Check out examples below to get your thank you card mojo flowing.




Laura Lee Cotton is licensed etiquette trainer with Emily Post Institute. If you have a wedding etiquette question send it to