Unique Date Night Options in Trinidad & Tobago

Unique Date Night Options in Trinidad & Tobago
By: Kassie Hernandez

Dinner and a movie is the norm, however, it’s refreshing to break the cycle occasionally! We’ve put together a list of uncommon date night options for you and your special someone to explore and enjoy:


Laser Tag

Xtra Plaza Chaguanas and Gulf View, La Romain

Bring out your inner child and let your hair down with a good game of Laser tag. This is a great option to show your competitive side in a playful way and a wonderful way to de-stress as well. You get to enjoy each other’s company by shooting the other with a laser gun…doesn’t get more unique than that!


Tobago Bio-Luminescence Tours

Pigeon Point, Tobago

You’re probably wondering what on earth is a bio-luminescence tour?  Imagine passing your hand through the ocean and seeing the water light up like pixie dust. The result is from glowing planktons that glitter like stars in the ocean; and it is one of the most gorgeous sights to behold. Most bio-luminescence tours begin with you hopping on a kayak to make your way to a lagoon, where the glowing planktons live. There, you can sit back and enjoy a sky full of stars and water that glows when you touch it. It’s the perfect blend of excitement and serenity; and you get to experience it all with your person.


Road Trip

They say that you can have the best conversation without speaking any words. Take a road trip with your significant other, fuel up the car, pack a basket with delicious food and head off to explore. Wind the windows down and enjoy the cool Caribbean breeze and the company of your sweetheart. Remember, it’s not what you do, but it’s who you do it with that makes it even more special.


Take a class together

Whether it be a cooking class, art classdance workshop or even outdoor activity –  sharing a new experience with your loved one, is what makes this date idea truly unique. We recommend taking a class that neither of you have ever done before. That way, you can both enjoy the novelty of the experience together and you might even have fun laughing at each other’s awkwardness, as you try something new.


Host a Games Night

This is perfect for a group date with other couples. Bring out the “Taboo,” “Pictionary,” “Cards Against Humanity,” or any game that you fancy and prepare to release some endorphins! Make the evening special by setting aside some small prizes that you can gift to winning teams.  What makes this date idea truly special is that you and your partner get to enjoy time with one another and also host your other favourite people, for a night of laughs!