Budget Tips for Buying Your Gown

Budget Tips for Buying Your Gown

Lower cost options for bridal gown buying


Online, boutiques, department stores and salon – there is now a multitude of options for buying your gown and it may make the process even more confusing. Many designer gowns will start in the vicinity of about USD$2000; if this is not in your budget, you will have to spend more time searching but the reward will still be possible!


Here are some tips for finding the right dress if you’re on a budget:


Start early – Ideally, you would want to cater for 12 months for your dress search; since even eight to six months may not only narrow down your choices but cause you to spend more with rush fees, customs charges or unnecessary alterations.


Sample sizes – Sample dresses are those that are made solely for brides to try on in salons. Samples are also worn by models on photo shoots for the salon or the designer. Most salons will keep the sample sizes until the designers discontinue the style or until the design stops selling. This is when they will have a “sample sale,” and also when you can find a bargain! Most sample sizes come in size 4, 6 and 8 but this varies according to the designer. Should you manage to get a sample size that is one size up from your gown size, this can be well worth it, since one size larger will be easier to adjust to your body than a size smaller.


End of season – The trick is to maximise holiday sales or end of season clearance sales for the best prices on wedding gowns. Even if you don’t find a wedding gown, you will probably have luck with a white or ivory evening gown that may work well as a wedding gown.


Rewind a season or two – If you’re on a cash crunch for your gown, consider buying a dress from the last season or even a gown that’s up a year ago old. You can find many classic dresses, with minimum details that will not have tell-tale signs that they weren’t from this season!


Shop your mom’s closet – ever thought about wearing your mom’s gown? If it’s a timeless piece that has been well-preserved and of course, if it can fit you, it may be a wonderful choice (plus your mom will feel flattered too!)


Consider renting your bridal attire – this can save you a pretty penny plus there’s an added bonus, some rental stores will also do minor adjustments for you.


Spruce up an off the rack dress – A simple sheath dress can be a show-stopper if you can find the right person who can embellish it in your choice of pearls, crystals, lace, a silk sash, elegant brooch or even fabric flowers.



Make a fault a fashion – Don’t ignore wedding gowns that may have a fault, since you may get these at much lower prices. Sometimes, a tiny stain in an inconspicuous place can be removed or camouflaged, loose buttons can be fixed and basic beading can be replaced.


Check out the bridal classifieds online at www.trinidadweddings.com – from time to time, it features gowns from brides whose weddings have been cancelled or from newly-weds trying to sell their attire.