Wearing Wedding Accessories Right

What’s worst under-accessorizing or over-accessorizing on your wedding day? That’s a hard debate. There are many factors that will dictate the type of jewelry you will wear to your wedding. Some brides will go for “something old” or “something borrowed” and others will purchase new jewelry.

Whichever route you decide on, here are some guidelines for selecting your pieces:

The shape of your face – Dangling earrings give more length to rounder faces while button or large pearl stud earrings will soften a long face.

Your gown’s fabric colour  – Gowns that are bright white work well with silver-toned, crystal and pearl jewelry whereas ivory, champagne or creamier shades of white are enhanced by pearls, yellow gold or rose-gold coloured jewelry. Elaborate or ornate gowns work better with simpler jewelry.

Consider your gown’s neckline – Strapless gowns look glamorous with bold necklaces such as bib necklaces and chunky chokers. Pendant necklaces and chokers tend to highlight halter-necked gowns. Alternatively, brides who are wearing halters can also skip neck jewelry altogether and go for something dramatic in their hair. High necklines are best suited for bolder earrings, without a necklace.

Hairstyle – If you’re wearing your hair down, dare to go for larger earrings since smaller ones will be hidden by your tresses. Updo’s can work well with either stud earrings and a statement necklace or dramatic earrings without a necklace.

Here are some other jewelry do’s and don’ts:

Scary don’ts:

  • Skip your watch – There’s no need to wear a watch! You should be enjoying your day and not worrying about time, plus, a watch just looks odd with a wedding gown.
  • Avoid wearing a necklace with a gown that has an asymmetrical neckline, since this would detract from the beauty of the gown.
  • Don’t wear a necklace if you are wearing an ornate hair accessory.
  • Stylish do’s:
  • Do complement a short-sleeved dress with a bracelet.
  • Do change up your bridal jewelry for your reception – perhaps swap out simpler pieces for larger, statement pieces to glam up your reception!
  • Do think about unconventional accessories – For example if your gown is simple, accessorize with a brooch or a sash. Daring brides can try:

–  “shoulder duster” earrings

–   Cuff bracelets

–   Layered necklaces

–  a browband (worn across the forehead) to accentuate an up-do